Fedora 7 to 10 Benchmarks

Earlier this week Phoronix published a set of comparative benchmarks regarding Ubuntu, testing various recent releases to compare their performance figures on all sorts of different tasks. They’ve now done the same thing for Fedora, so we can compare Fedora and Ubuntu in terms of performance.

The test machine used to acquire these benchmarks is the same as the one used for Ubuntu. The degradation in performance as we saw with Ubuntu doesn’t seem to take place that much on Fedora – there’s a difference, but it’s hardly significant. If we compare the latest Ubuntu (8.0, the release candidate) with the latest Fedora 10 test release (snapshot 3) we see that the two distributions barely differ when it comes to performance.

This is obviously not that big a surprise, seeing both distributions include mostly the same pieces of software. Obviously, these benchmarks are limited in that they only apply to one machine, so be careful with inferring any definitive conclusions regarding performance from these figures.


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