Organize Your Desktop Like a Real Desktop

Though this technology isn’t incredibly new (the video is dated June of 2006, and OSNews has covered it before), it’s still not publicly available; however, it’ll supposedly have a beta out for subscribers to test someday. Branded “BumpTop,” this new interface builds off of the idea of organization done on traditional desktops– I mean the wooden, metal, or glass ones. People naturally organize papers and other items into piles that make sense to their own ways of thinking. This kind of organization is limited on operating systems today, but BumpTop makes an old idea new by turning your virtual desktop a little more real.

If you’re like me, a little disorder keeps everything in order. When going through papers, I often organize them into stacks in various areas of my study (on the desk, the floor, on chairs, on printers, on monitors, under the keyboard, etc.), and I can strangely find everything I need when I need it without having to visit the filing cabinet– which is for more permanent residents such as bank statements, warranties, and old manuals I’ll never read.

Though having the basic file and folder interface is very useful with being able to list in order of alphabet, type, size, date, or other as well as the other pluses that come with the traditional file management systems on operating systems today, I would absolutely love to have this interface and believe it would be helpful to better navigate the desktop– at least with how I organize. A hybrid of the two would make me feel warm and fuzzy inside; being able to pick which type of interface that suits each specific folder would make me giddy.


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