Red Hat Sets Its Virtualization Agenda

Red Hat has announced it’s virtualization plans for the future which includes a switch from Xen to KVM in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.4, three new virtualization products based on KVM, Solid ICE and the spice protocol. Red Hat which acquired these tools as part of the Qumranet acquisition will be making them free and open source software and develop them into a cross platform management tool.

Slated for graduated rollout over the next 12 months, the new products include: Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager for Servers; Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager for Desktops; Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL); and Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Hypervisor.

Red Hat will continue to support Xen in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 but plans to aggressively adopt KVM as it’s strategic choice going forward. KVM is part of the Linux kernel and unlike Xen, automatically takes advantage of all the Linux’s kernel improvements. KVM has also been the default in Fedora for a few releases. Red Hat continues to work on merging more of the Xen changes upstream as well.


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