Samples by the New Wave of Videographers, Part II

Over a year ago I posted a (non-OS news) article about this new geeky & underground, grass-root movement in videography — similar to the artistic explosion digital photography saw a few years ago. We call ourselves “DV Rebels“. Given a slow weekend, I decided to revisit the topic today with some newer videos shot with the Canon HV20/HV30 cameras, these $500 gems that have been the catalysts in the said movement. The HV lines of cameras are so popular that over 220 official music videos were shot with them, among other kinds of art. In the old article there has been criticism about the “motion photography without a story” nature of the videos that were sampled, but I think that since then these hobbyist videographers have come a long way. Have a look inside for some of my favorite HV20/30 videos available today, while you can check even more here.

Note: The embedded Flash videos below are not HD. To view them or download them in 720p HD mode you must click their respective video titles and go to their dedicated Vimeo page.

condition:human, Episode 1
Partly the reason I decided to revisit this article, this is a brand new, Blade Runner-inspired, sci-fi web series written, shot & edited in the living room of hobbyist Trenton Lepp in Vancouver, with a good friend of his in the main role, and with no budget whatsoever. All the CGI also by Trenton! I think the music too! While some better editing was required (scene trimming and audio treatment), it remains one of the most complex and ambitious projects to date in our little community.

Story Of A Broken Heart
Official music video for the band Malbec. Malbec’s ‘The Answering Machine’ EPs are a series of 5 EPs being released over 5 months, the fifth one released today. They are free to download both in mp3, and uncompressed high quality WAV format.

Tadas Svilainis’ NSFW video about a tormented soul.

White Red Panic
Ayz Waraich’s piece was the first major scripted HV20-based short movie.

Sunday afternoon
Charlie McCarthy is one of the most influential figures in the movement with many cool videos.

Pitchblend – “Sirens”
An alternative rock music video by Rich Savage.

Reflections of home
Another one from Charlie McCarthy.

Seeing Red
Robots need to let loose once in a while… By Zol.

One of Ugurcan Kara’s great videos.

Motiva – “Repülj Madár”
The music video for Motiva’s “Repülj Madár” song, directed by Suta, shows the differences between a Nikon D90 and an HV30 with a 35mm adapter. The Hungarian techno+folk song is available for free download.

The horla
mlzk’s scary horror short film.

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
And one of mine, my newest work.

Ich Bin Nicht Ein Roboter
A funny, but well done, techno music video (official), directed painstakingly by Jonno.

More such cool videos here.


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