OEMs Explore Android for Netbooks

At OSNews, we’ve talked about the possibility of Google’s Android operating system moving to netbooks quite a few times already. It seems to make sense; it’s designed for small displays, is probably light on resources, it’s Free and open, and has the backing of a heavyweight company. Lately, the first actual signs of Android moving to netbooks have appeared.

For instance, T-Mobile has confirmed that it is working on a flurry of Android-based devices, among which is a small tablet computer with a 7″ touch screen display. T-Mobile already has a lot of experience with Android thanks to its G1 phone, of course. However, T-Mobile is not the only one considering devices based on Android.

Asus, the company that more or less ignited the whole netbook crazy all by itself with its EeePC line of computers, has also stated it is investigating offering Android on its devices. A netbook running Google’s Linux-based operating system may arrive as early as before the end of this year, but only if Asus actually decide to commercialise the effort; it’s still in development at this point. HP is apparently also considering Android for its netbooks.

These are some cllear signs that OEMs are indeed interested in the idea of Android on netbooks, but so far, it all seems to be in an exploratory state. Let’s hope there will be some more clarity soon.


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