AspireRevo: First Ion-Based Nettop by Acer

We’ve been waiting a while to see NVIDIA’s Ion-based computers, and now Acer is taking the lead in this race by debuting the first Ion “nettop” since the ones shown off at CES by NVIDIA: the Acer AspireRevo. This little 7.1- x 7.1- x 1.2-inch box sports an 1.6GHz Intel Atom, up to four gigabytes of RAM, a 250 GB hard drive, Four-in-one card reader, six USB sockets, Ethernet, and HDMI and VGA outputs while running Windows Vista Home Premium or Basic. It’ll be able to play any of your 1080p content, of course. There isn’t any word on when Acer will start rolling these out to consumers nor what the said consumers will be paying, but since it’s likely that other Ion-based nettops will begin to appear at large come summer, the AspireRevo will most likely be up for grabs near the end of the second quarter. I suppose it’s safe to say that the desktop equivalent to the netbook is coming.


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