GlobalFoundries Announces 28nm High-K Metal Gate Process

GlobalFoundries, the former manufacturing arm of AMD, has announced they will have a 28-nanometer high-k metal gate process available in the second half of 2010. GlobalFoundries developed the 28nm process in conjunction with IBM, Chartered Semiconductors, Infineon Technologies, Samsung Electronics, and STMicroelectronics as part of the IBM Technology Alliance. According to The Tech Report, the new process will reportedly enable “40% better performance, over 20% lower power consumption, and 50% smaller die areas” versus the current 45nm process, but it was not mentioned what kind of performance numbers the 28nm process will have compared to the upcoming 32nm process.

Speaking of the 32nm process, GlobalFoundries is set to kick off production of 32nm chips in the first half of 2010. Producing 32nm chips 6 months after Intel, rather then the 12-14 month lag time under AMD, would be a big success for the new company. Intel’s manufacturing capabilities have been one of it’s strongest assets in it’s battle with AMD and the rest of the semiconductor industry at large. IBM has been very bullish on the 32nm node for quite sometime, even calling the 45nm process a “weak node”, so the clipping of at least 6 months is probably to be expected.

Scott Fulton at Betanews has some interesting commentary on the subject, except he misses the part about the 28nm node being targeted at GPUs and chipsets rather then CPUs.


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