Second Palm webOS Phone Rumoured

The Palm Pre and its webOS aren’t even out yet, and there’s already news of another Palm device that will ship in the second half of the year, also running the webOS. First it was just a rumour, but now we have pictures and hardware specifications – and now it’s still just a rumour, but with pretty pictures and a spec list. Sadly, there’s still no word on exactly when the Pre will arrive, but some evidence points towards June 7 – the day before Apple’s WWDC starts.

There has been no confirmation from Palm, and it could possibly be that this is all a scam. However, if it is, it’s a pretty good one. The newly rumoured webOS phone is said to be named EOS, and has a candybar form factor with a multitouch display. It’s only 10.6mm thick, measures 55mm x 111mm, weighs 100 gram, and has a 320×400 resolution. Engadget has the entire spec list:

  • 4GB storage
  • Price: $349 (pre-rebate)
  • Camera: 2 megapixel fixed focus digital camera and flash / video capture
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 2.1 w/ A2DP and EDR, USB 2.0 via micro USB
  • Removable 1150 mAh battery (4 hours 3G talk time)
  • Messaging: SMS, MMS (picture and video only), integrated IM client
  • Contact sync with AT&T Address Book
  • MediaNet
  • Cellular Video
  • Email: POP3, IMAP4, and EAS support
  • A-GPS
  • Audio: WAV, MP3, AAC, AAC+ ringtones
  • Video Playback: MPEG4, H.264, H.263

Moving on to the Pre, TechCrunch believes it might arrive the day before Apple’s WWDC starts (June 7), an event where Apple will launch version 3.0 of the iPhone OS and might announce new iPhone models. Again, there’s no word from Palm, so we’re still pretty much in the dark on this one.


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