Genode 9.05 Adds Support for USB, Qt 4.5.1, OKL4 Kernel

The Genode project has released the version 9.05 of their operating-system framework. The highlights as detailed in the release notes are the support of the OKL4 kernel as base platform, the introduction of basic USB support, the integration of Qt4 into the main-line source tree, and 64-bit support.

Furthermore, the release notes report on the progress of executing Linux as user-level subsystem on top of Genode. At present, there already exists a prototype implementation of OKLinux booting up on top of the OKL4 variant of Genode. The new release is available at the project’s download page.

With the current release, the project has reached a state that enables the creation of applications, protocol stacks, and device drivers that are portable among four different kernel platforms, namely Linux (both 32 bit and 64 bit), Fiasco, Pistachio, and OKL4. According to the updated road map, the next release will be focused on non-functional refinements and optimizations such as support for shared libraries, and the decomposition of the network and USB stacks. Towards the end of the year, the project aims to be able to host unmodified POSIX applications executed within one or multiple lightweight POSIX execution environments as Genode sub systems.


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