DesktopBSD Development Comes to a Halt

It seems like the DesktopBSD project’s future is at stake due to a lack developers and time. “Hello everyone, sorry for not keeping in touch with you guys for quite a while,” main developer Peter Hofer writes, “Truth is, I find myself having less and less time for DesktopBSD these days. In addition, my interests have shifted quite a bit since I started working on it in 2004 (thinking of it, that’s almost 5 years ago now…). As a result, I don’t really feel that I can make DesktopBSD progress steadily and significantly on my own. Unfortunately, there are no other active developers nor does it seem like there are any who would be interested in contributing.” While the project is not dead yet, there will be no major changes or bugfixes for the upcoming 1.7 release, and it could very well be the project’s last release.


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