RMoX: a GPL, Parallel Research OS Written in occam-pi

Discerning techies probably know of the the programming language occam, designed for the Inmos Transputer highly parallel processor from the 1980s. It’s not so widely-known that occam is still around and available for the x86 in the form of the Kent Retargetable occam Compiler, KRoC – nor that there’s an entire PC OS, complete with GUI, written in occam-pi: RMoX.

RMoX is written and developed for the PC/104+ range of embedded devices, but since these use a fairly standard set of chips, it is possible to use RMoX on a standards-compliant desktop computer as well. The operating system can also be built as a normal application, mostly for testing purposes. This is the feature list given on the main page:

  • Massively concurrent design with lightweight process scheduling.
  • Multiprocessor support for MP 1.4 compatible platforms.
  • Device drivers for a range of standard hardware.
  • PCI and USB support.
  • Loadable module support.
  • User-mode support.

Thanks to a set of pre-built binary images, you can easily run RMoX on Qemu for testing purposes. You can download it from the project’s download page.


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