Jari OS 0.0.1 Alpha Released

Just like last week, we feature another open source microkernel today. Jari OS is an open source microkernel operating system, licensed under the GPL. The actual microkernel is called muString, and packed on top are isolated core and system services as well as device drivers, just like you’d expect from a proper microkernel implementation. Version 0.0.1 alpha was released earlier this month.

It already comes with multitasking, multithreading, preemption, and SMP support. It’s also real-time, and comes with a POSIX API. The file system is ext2, but they will move to XFS as the default file system in later releases. They’re working on porting a tcp/ip stack, and a GUI is planned, but not being worked on just yet – output is delivered to a framebuffer console for now.

As usual with these types of microkernel operating systems, the prime target is the embedded market. Still, you can download and run it if you like playing around, and with the source code out and about it can be a really good starting point if you’re interested in operating system design.

They’re looking for additional developers, too.

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