“Palm Sold 370000 Pre Phones in May, June”

The stream of news around the Palm Pre and its webOS just keeps on flowing. Since Palm’s survival more or less depends on the success of the Pre and any possible future webOS phones, it’s very interesting to know just how well the Pre is selling. According to an analyst, Palm has already sold 370000 Pre phones in May and June; he also stated that the company will ship 1 million phones to Sprint in the first quarter of production. Not bad. We’ve also got news on the GSM version of the Pre.

Charter Equity Research analyst Ed Snyder established the figures via a channel check. Basically, Palm Pre sales “into the channel” amounted to 300000 units in June, with an additional 70000 units in May. Into the channel means the sales from Palm, to Sprint, which of course also explains the 70000 figure in May (the Pre went on sale in June). In addition, Snyder says that Palm is now producing about 15000 Pre units a day, and that they will ship 1 million phones to Sprint in the first quarter of production.

Let’s put these figures into perspective. During the original iPhone’s first full quarter, Apple sold 1.1 million iPhones, so if Palm were really to hit the 1 million mark, they’re really doing a good job, especially compared to the marketing machine Apple put behind the iPhone. Also interesting: the total amount of smarpthones shipped by Palm last quarter (pre-Pre)? A meagre 351000.

And while we’re talking analyst figures here, the webOS App Catalog did pass the 1 million downloads mark a while ago, despite there just being like 30 applications in it.

There’s also news on the GSM version of the Pre and a possible international launch. Several GSM variants of the Pre have already been spotted; indications are it may already arrive in fall. There’s really no way to say which carrier will get the Pre in European countries, though.

In additional news, the Pre has also been turned into a webserver. Now it’s a real smartphone!


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