We had a remarkably short week this past week, so this will probably be the shortest Week in Review yet. We talked about Apple’s hardware design, GNOME’s decision to drop icons from menus and buttons, KDE 4.3 was released, and more.

The big news this week was the release of KDE 4.3. We already discussed this new release in quite some detail when I wrote an article about the release candidate, so there was little to add to the actual news item – still, that didn’t stop everyone from discussing KDE 4.3 and KDE in general into great detail. On top of that, we also debated whether or not KDE should become the default on OpenSUSE.

While we’re on the subject of X desktop environments, the GNOME team has decided to ditch the practice of putting icons on menu items and dialog box buttons, a decision which should decrease widget size and make the overall desktop look a little cleaner. A very heavily contested decision, that’s for sure.

Apple also got quite some headlines this week, especially with the story about Apple trying to silence a family from discussing their exploding iPod Touch. I mused about Apple’s past hardware designs, and debated whether or not Apple has lost its magical touch when it comes to designing unique and interesting hardware.

For the rest, the week wasn’t particularly eventful. We did have interesting discussions about OpenOffice.org’s UI ideas, the release of MorphOS 2.3, and Microsoft Office 2010 getting a file format ballot.


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