ClarkConnect Now ClearOS, Now Open and Free

“ClearOS is a next-generation Linux server operating
distribution for the small organizations and distributed environments. The
ClearOS Linux distribution has an installed-base of over 120,000 systems that
serve approximately 1.2 Million users. It is available in over 20 languages and
is utilized in more than 122 countries around the globe. Historically known as ClarkConnect, ClearOS has been made open and free by
, including software such as MultiWAN which allows multiple,
balanced Internet connections. Other limitations and commercial restrictions on
the ClearOS platform have also been removed for this version and all subsequent
versions. The ClearOS Operating System tightly integrates dozens of leading open
source applications in a single management interface. The distribution is free
to download and use and redistribution is encouraged.”
The new version of ClearOS can be read about more, tested using an online live demo, and downloaded at the ClearFoundation website.


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