Syllable Desktop Gets Aspire One, EeePC Install Targets

The current development build of Syllable Desktop has a greatly increased installation menu. The options for IDE and USB CD players were merged, so that the troubleshooting options can now also be tried with a USB CD player. Specific installation options were added for the Acer Aspire One and ASUS EeePC netbooks. The EeePC requires compensation for its shifting of drive positions, which is now performed by the installer. This was tested by Hans Rood on the Summer SylCon, and the Aspire One was tested by Ruud Kuin.

There are now more safe mode options for troubleshooting, such as an option to fully remove the USB 2 driver, which is buggy on some systems. Another new option attempts to compensate for a common case of shifted drive positions when SATA drives are used. Since Syllable 0.6.6, the installer detects which options were used to start the installation and enters those into the installed system. This way, the user doesn’t have to deal with these parameters manually any more and can start the installed system right away.

Experimental installation options were added for installing from and to USB memory sticks. These don’t work yet, because Syllable doesn’t start from USB devices other than CD players yet, but this is being worked on. This includes the extra memory card slot on the EeePC, which is internally connected via USB. Apart from Syllable’s own AFS format, there’s an option for starting from USB memory formatted with Linux’s Ext2FS file system. Installing to USB is still unreliable on Syllable, so the Ext2FS option allows to experiment with creating a USB installation medium from Linux. The project invites anyone to give it a try.


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