Shopping Season Is Here

This holiday season it seems that everyone has forgotten the recession and has just decided to pretend to not be broke. In the US, somehow the retail industry has hoodwinked everyone into celebrating a shopping holiday the weekend after Thanksgiving, with the recent addition of “cyber monday” to encourage both irresponsible spending and doing personal shopping on company time while at work. Far be it from us to stand in the way of this Juggernaut. I personally do most of my shopping online, and much of it at, who over the years have proven a dedication to low prices and excellent service. Cyber Monday or not, if you’re planning on shopping online this holiday season (or anytime), please consider using OSNews’ shopping page, which gives you a good launching point to browse for products and compare prices, and supports OSNews by kicking back a small percentage of your purchase price. It doesn’t cost you anything, but makes a big difference for us. So bookmark the page, and show the love all year round. We’d like to make some improvements to the OSNews Shopping launchpad. Please include your recommendations and suggestions in the comments.


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