“Google Chrome OS Netbook Bogus Specs Leaked”

Like I said in the below item, it’s a slow news day. This was further evidenced today by a story about the Google Chrome OS Netbook specifications, which, according to IBTimes, were leaked – to them, obviously. Together with the iPhone/NYC thing, this story gripped the internet and blogosphere today.

The IBTimes story is clearly a load of nonsense, as any sane person can see. However, the lack of news in these trying, quiet, and peaceful times in the blogosphere means that every shiny trinket, no matter if it’s gold or plastic, will gain massive mainstream attention. And yes, I get the irony of OSNews reporting on it too. Don’t try to be smart.

IBTimes claims that Google’s Chrome OS Netbook, which as far as I know has not been confirmed by Google in any way, will be built using NVIDIA’s Tegra, and be powered by an ARM processor. Here we already see quite clearly that this story is nonsense, as Tegra is inherently tied to ARM – there is no ARM-less Tegra. It makes no sense to specifically mention it in the way IBTimes did (notice the “and”).

If the above didn’t trigger any alarm bells as to the validity of this story, this certainly should: IBTimes claims the netbook will sport a “10.1-inch TFT HD-ready multi-touch display”. Right. Furthermore, they say it comes with a 64GB SSD – which is yet another clear-cut indication that this is a bogus story, as (1) Chrome OS doesn’t need that much space, and (2) it would make the device needlessly expensive. It would also have 2GB of RAM, and all the other stuff you’d come to expect from a netbook.

Despite the obvious ridiculousness of the story, it made its way all around the web (and yes I get the irony already!), with many websites taking this stuff at face-value. As a result, I suggest we instate a new rule starting next holiday season: let’s shut down the internet from December 25 to January 1.

Who’s with me?


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