Android Malware: How Open Is Too Open?

Fatal Exception’s Neil McAllister questions how open is too open when it comes to mobile app markets, especially in light of the recent discovery of suspected malware in the Android Market. “Open platforms are attractive to developers, but as we have now seen, developers come in all flavors,” McAllister writes, “If smartphone vendors aren’t careful, they risk repeating the mistakes of the PC software industry, with mobile platforms becoming the new Wild West of computing.” As McAllister sees it, strong governance is the only solution, and this includes the ability to act swiftly when exploits arise – “something only centralized oversight can provide.” Sure, Apple’s App Store approval policies are somewhat ‘draconian’, “but by ensuring that each and every app in the App Store has met its rigorous standards, Apple has forged a bond of trust with iPhone users that no other smartphone vendor can match.”


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