Windows Phone 7 Series Developer Docs Leaked?

A mobile operating system release by Microsoft that’s worth rumouring about, and that actually gets people excited. Yes, it’s been a long time, but here we are. A number of Windows Phone 7 Series developer documents have supposedly leaked, which provide answers to some of the question we have – including the multitasking thing.

According to these documents, Windows Phone 7 Series is based on Silverlight, XNA, and the .Net Compact Framework. The main development tools for WP7S will be Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 (complete with an emulator) and Microsoft Expression Blend (for the user interface side of things).

On top of this basic set of managed APIs, partners will have access to an extended set of managed APIs “meant to support extending the phone experience with functionality that is specific to a phone or a network”. Partners can also request access to a “defined subset” of native APIs. In addition, Microsoft notes that all applications must run within a sandbox.

And now for the big one: multitasking. Obviously, Windows Embedded CE 6.0 supports multitasking, but will developers be able to make use of it for their applications? According to these documents, the answer is yes and no. Developers will have to get approval from Microsoft before being allowed to use multitasking.

In other words, it sits somewhere between webOS/Android and iPhone. One of the crucial aspects will be whether or not Microsoft will actively prevent jailbreaking, and whether or not they will pressure the US Copyright Office into keeping it illegal (like Apple is doing). Hopefully, these documents describe the official, supported methods, while leaving the gate open for tinkerers and geeks to go all-out – at the expense of support, of course.


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