New AROS NVIDIA Driver Needs Testers

Good news from the AROS world. Thanks to a bounty, they’ve been working on Gallium3D for a while, and the fruit of this work is starting to taste good. Part of this effort included a 3D driver for NVIDIA cards, and now a 2D driver, based on Nouveau, is being developed as well. This driver has reached beta status, and testers are needed.

The driver has been added to the nightly builds of AROS, and you can test it out by selecting “AROS (NVidia Nouveau graphics)” at the GRUB boot prompt. A tested nightly build is available [.zip].

“The driver supports all generation of nVidia GeForce cards (starting at the old GF1 series up to and including the GF9 series),” AmigaWorld reports, “The support for different output types (VGA, TV, DVI and LVDS) and automatic video modes recognition using DDC is available (supported modes up to 1920×1200 depending on video card and display configuration).”

Work on the driver is focussing on improving the driver’s performance and combining the 2D and 3D driver into one, so that complete NVIDIA support exists in one module.


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