PixelQi Shows Off Its Tech at Computex

You have these products and/or technologies that everybody expects to go mainstream, yet never really do. You know, things like desktop Linux (+14 troll), ARM-based netbooks, and… PixelQi screens. Yes, these wonder displays are supposed to take over the world, yet, we’ve only ever seen them on demonstration devices – never on shipping products we can, you know, buy. At Computex, PixelQi once again showed off its display technology on demonstration devices.

PixelQi displays are kind of a marvel, really. They are regular LCDs with the ability to turn off the backlight and switch to a grayscale mode, saving considerable amounts of energy, while being as readable as e-ink displays. They are aimed towards netbook, e-book, and tablet devices.

The displays on, uh, display at Computex are improved versions of those we’ve seen before. Especially the viewing angles have been increased greatly. They can be combined with multitouch technology as well as digitisers for handwriting recognition – both were shown off at Computex.

Video courtesy of Engadget.

So, when can we expect to see these marvels of display technology in our hands? According to PixelQi CEO Mary Lou Jepsen, they are in talks with several major manufacturers, but she didn’t say anything about shipping dates. Notion Ink‘s Adam tablet is supposed to be one of the first devices to ship with a PixelQi screen.

Okay, one more, just because we can.

I really want this to succeed.


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