Samsung Ditches Symbian, Nokia Releases Ovi Store Figures

We’ve got some good news for Symbian, and we’ve got some bad news. We already had Sony Ericsson abandoning the Symbian platform, but today Samsung joined them in leaving Symbian behind. The good news is that Nokia has released some figures on downloads from its Ovi Store, and it ain’t that bad, actually.

Let’s start with the bad news, so we can end this story on a happy note. The exodus from Symbian is continuing, as today Samsung has announced it will completely abandon the platform. By year’s end, it will close all of its Symbian forums and remove all of its Symbian-related content.

It makes sense. Samsung is currently betting on three platforms (Bada, Android, and Windows Phone 7), so having a fourth platform on board seems like a little bit overkill – especially taking into consideration that Symbian is simply lagging behind. Again, I would like to say that Bada deserves more attention than it gets. My brother has a Bada phone, and contrary to what I expected, it was pretty good stuff. If you get the chance to play with one, don’t hesitate.

As for the good news, Nokia released some figures about the number of downloads from its Ovi Store. They say the Ovi Store is serving up 2.3 million downloads per day, and more than 70 developers have passed the million downloads mark, with the absolute king being Offscreen, which saw its applications downloaded a good 45 million times.

“At Nokia, we believe that connecting people with great mobile experiences is at the heart of what Ovi is all about,” said Tero Ojanpera, executive vice president of Services at Nokia, “Today people discover Ovi through Maps, Music, Messaging, Store and Life Tools.”

Let’s hope that with the launch of Symbian^3, and the accompanying crop of top-notch (hardware-wise) devices from Nokia, Symbian manages to find a second wind. Sure, it’s still the top-seller in the world, but its market share is dropping faster than my jaw would if I ever ran into Fiona Apple. Or a unicorn.


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