Anymode Copies InCase’s iPad Folding Cover, Chaos Ensues

So, there’s a bit of a hubbub going on at Engadget, Daring Fireball, and other Apple blogs, about a Galaxy Tab case made by Anymode, a company with ties to Samsung (the story came from 9to5mac). It is claimed the case is a copy of Apple’s Smart Cover. Of course, those of us without any special affinity for one single company remember full-well that Apple itself took the idea for the Smart Cover from InCase, while InCase’s design was a massive improvement over Apple’s original iPad case. Lo and behold, Anymode’s case resembles the InCase design much more closely than it resembles the Apple design (no magnets). Weird that Engadget would leave InCase out of the picture (no surprise when it comes to Daring Fireball, of course, even though I pointed it out to Gruber), even though they reported on it when the Smart Cover was announced. Anywho, Samsung already denied that this product received the ‘Designed for Samsung Mobile’-logo, and Anymode has removed it from sales. None have been sold.


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