SunSolve Resurrected Independent of Oracle

If you have ever administered Sun machines, updates were a big part of your work. In the past, information about them were available on SunSolve, the Sun support website, to help sysadmins sort everything out. SunSolve has been decomissioned by Oracle and its replacement hasn’t received a warm welcome from the Solaris community due in large part to technologies used (Flash,…). We Sun Solve was created to avoid this problem.According to its creator, Thomas Gouverneur, it “complies with the old Sun principle and Unix mentality in general: KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid!).” Its workflow is simple: as soon as a patch is out, it’s downloaded right away to extract metadata it contains inside a database which can be queried online. In addition to patch information it provides the ability for sysadmins to search for patches and bugs with some advanced search features. For example you can search the patches database to know which patches have modified /usr/bin/cp recently; or which bugs have affected ZFS. Note also that the website is regularly checking for new patches: it announces them on IRC, RSS as well as Twitter.

On the community side, We Sun Solve has also been in touch with Openindiana and Illumos developers to help them find the information they need for their daily developments. Its future objective is “to complete the sysadmin toolkit and information with whatever could be useful for a Solaris sysadmin.” Site maintainers say, “This website belong first to its users! We’re then eager to hear any suggestion or comment about it!”

Some We Sun Solve stats:

  • 74 000+ indexed patches since 1990;
  • 360 000+ indexed bugs;
  • a 6GB+ database.


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