Shed Skin 6 Years Later

It has been 6 years since we last mentioned Shed Skin, a restricted-Python to C++ compiler (Python 2.4-2.6). In the meantime, development has continued at a rapid pace. Shed Skin has taken part in the GSOC and GHOP projects. It is now able to generate extension modules, which can be used in larger Python programs. Its type inference engine has become orders of magnitude faster. One of the Shed Skin example programs, a work-in-progress C64 emulator is now compiled in under a minute on a fast PC. In total there are 64 non-trivial example programs. As may be expected from a static compiler, performance is better than when using PyPy in many cases. Though of course we have to mention that PyPy is much less restricted, and also improving at a rapid pace.


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