PlayBook OS 2.0 released

Research In Motion has just released version 2.0 of their QNX-based PlayBook operating system. This long-awaited update could be seen as making the PlayBook feature-complete, bringing things like a native email client to RIM’s 7″ tablet.

As a former QNX desktop user (during the dark, dark days after the BeOS’ demise), the PlayBook has always been an interesting device. The device runs QNX, and that alone makes my geek heart tingle – but at the same time, it doesn’t make it tingle enough to shell out (at the moment) €300, especially since the device didn’t even come with a native email client.

Well, it just became a little harder for me not to set aside some money for the PlayBook, because version 2.0 of its operating system has been released. One of the prime features of this new release is the brand-new native email client, which comes with tabs for keeping multiple messages open, a rich text editor, and several other goodies.

There’s more, though. Documents To Go has been updated as well, and it comes with Print To Go, allowing users to print documents wirelessly. BlackBerry Bridge has been extensively updated, adding the ability to use your BlackBerry phone as a remote control for your PlayBook. In fact, with this update, you can use your BlackBerry to remote control Android tablets or even a PS3.

I’d really love to write a review of this thing, since its more alternative nature (compared to Android and iOS) fits well on OSNews. I obviously can’t justify spending €300 on a tablet when I already have an iPad 2, but if an opportunity arises, I’ll be sure to grab it with both hands.


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