Interview: Patrick Volkerding, founder of Slackware has an in-depth interview with Patrick Volkerding. “The goal back when the project was started was to make it easy, and to keep things simple. But to paraphrase Einstein, you want to make things as simple as possible, but not simpler. There’s a point of diminishing return when adding additional layers and interfaces, especially when it comes to system configuration. I’ve seen automated configuration do things like strip out all the comments in a config file, or worse just completely rewrite the thing because you had the nerve to try editing it outside of the approved system. And I do feel like Slackware has been shafted in some of the reviews over the years, largely because there’s a tendency to review only the installer and not the system itself. There is certainly a learning curve, but that’s true for all versions of Linux. We’ve never tried to make things hard, but perhaps we also haven’t tried to prevent people from shooting themselves in the foot. Things like aliasing rm to ‘rm -i’ don’t help the user learn to be careful.” Patrick gets it.


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