CoOperativeSystems to Launch Alternative Online Desktop

HelloWorld is a software application with a visual approach to connecting people, online messaging, search and transfer operations, and personal publishing, in a decentralized network environment that is owned and operated by the network community. The application (soon to be released for Windows, Linux and Mac) is literally an alternative user interface for our online needs.My take: This app won’t do as well as it could, for the simple reason that it takes up all of the desktop and doesn’t let you use your other apps at the same time. People mostly use IM in parallel to the app they are working with and when there is integration of their IM on browser or other apps that’s even better. This can’t be achieved as well with HelloWorld, even when you resize the app to a single 800×600 window, which still feels like “another app taking lots of space”.

This application can do well in specific markets, like Internet Appliances of a sort (where all apps are full screen at all times), but I don’t see it going anywhere in the desktop market where the needs are different…


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