Morphos Debuts on SAM460

Morphos made its debut, albeit still in beta, on a SAM460 board at Pianeta Amiga 2012 in Bologna, Italy a few days ago. Codenamed Project Naomo (an anagram of Moana, a different project that allowed to run AmigaOS4 on a Mac Mini through a modified ISO) by Frank Mariak, it aims at running MOS 3.2, the next official version, on both the aforementioned Italian motherboard and Powerbooks. Soon, it should extend support to the AmigaOne 500 as well, as hinted at Acube’s Facebook page, where it provided an email address from Morphos Team for further inquiries. Acube now boasts support for AmigaOS4, AROS and soon Morphos, along with some Linux distributions like Ubuntu and Debian, for its SAM460. Pictures and a video first appeared on the official Facebook page of the event and the latter is now available on Youtube.

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