Poll: My Favorite Unix-Based OS

Well, we all have used Unix, in one form or another (maybe even through embeded products). But which one is your favorite flavor of Unix-based/Unix-alike OSes? Read more and vote! Update: SHAME on you, who ever you are: Messing/hacking with go2poll’s code and altering the results in favor of FreeBSD. By doing so, you are doing MORE BAD than good to your favorite platform.Note: And before you ask: BeOS and AtheOS/Syllable are not in the following list, because they are not Unix. They just happen to be somewhat POSIX (not fully) and have a bash…

Update: I took down the poll. SHAME on whoever messed with go2poll’s engine. FreeBSD went from 99 votes to 177 in a matter of 1-2 minutes, while this is of course not possible with the kind of rate and growth polls get on OSNews by the hour (let alone having only FreeBSD “growing”). By doing so, you just give FreeBSD’s crowd a bad name. (I am even more unhappy about this, as I voted for FreeBSD and now I see a FreeBSD fanboy act as such)!

Right now, I have deleted the poll, and I include an image of the poll just before it got deleted. KEEP IN MIND, that FreeBSD stole a lot of percentage from the rest, its real percentage was not more than 14% before the manipulation of our “friend” started. Before this manipulation, OSX was at 29% and Linux at around 39%.

Poll results


  1. 2003-01-31 10:47 pm
  2. 2003-02-01 1:58 am
  3. 2003-02-01 1:30 pm