Oculus, Sony lead virtual reality push

The second version of the Oculus Rift development kit is similar to the Crystal Cove prototype in terms of features, but the fit and finish is much closer to what we’re likely to see in the retail virtual reality headset.

Also, last night:

The VR system is currently codenamed Project Morpheus, and will work with PlayStation 4. While still in prototype form, Yoshida says that Morpheus is the “culmination of our work over the last three years to realize our vision of VR for games, and to push the boundaries of play.” The headset uses a 1080p LCD, offers a 90-degree field of view, and will integrate with the PlayStation Camera for tracking and PlayStation Move for motion control. It connects via HDMI and USB; while the current prototype uses a 5-meter cable, Sony would like to make it wireless. The company says the headset doesn’t put weight on your nose or cheeks, and its design allows for airflow without the lenses fogging up.

I’m not particularly interested in this – it feels like the Pong days of VR. Give this 10-15 years, though, and I’m sure the headsets will not be the size of refrigerators. The future looks quite interesting.

Science, onwards to the holodeck!


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