Third early adopter Sailfish release for Nexus 4 released

Carsten Munk, chief research engineer at Jolla, announced the third ‘Early Adopter Release’ of Sailfish for the Nexus 4. Let me stress that this is very much still a work-in-progress, and your device may explode or kill hummingbirds. This release brings Sailfish for Nexus 4 up to par with version that’s current for Jolla phones.

This installation image is for early adopters only, meaning we know that some things are not functional or perhaps even broken — please see the release notes below. We are excited to get all of you properly included in the early stages of the project. Do note that this SailfishOS image is strictly for personal and non-commercial usage only.

If you have a spare Nexus 4 lying around, this might be a good moment to give Sailfish a try.

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