MorphOS 3.6 released

This new version can now utilize the built-in Wi-Fi hardware in all Apple systems that feature Broadcom’s BCM43 chipset. In addition, MorphOS further extends its support of graphics chipsets to include AMD’s R400 series by adding compatibility with Radeon X800 XT/Pro and FireGL X3 cards. Moreover, the latest version of MorphOS now enables laptop owners to define custom screen modes and provides default modes for increasingly common high resolution displays.

Improving interoperability and overall convenience, MorphOS 3.6 adds a new SMBFS filesystem handler with 64-bit I/O support for easy file sharing via network storage devices, a new VNC server to control your MorphOS systems remotely or even without a display, and a Synergy client for sharing a nearby mouse and keyboard with any Linux, MacOS or Windows machine that is part of your local network and acts as a Synergy server.

Seems like a pretty big update. I’m keeping my eyes open for a nice PowerBook G4 so that I can re-review MorphOS somewhere in the near future.


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