Linux Mint to provide MATE with Compiz

Since the MATE desktop forked away from the abanndoned GNOME 2 project many users have reported problems getting the Compiz compositing manager to work properly with the MATE desktop environment. The Linux Mint distribution plans to fix this issue in their upcoming 17.1 release.

The MATE edition [of Linux Mint 17.1] sports out of the box support for the Compiz window-manager (which comes pre-installed, pre-configured and which you can switch to with a click of a button).

There are also plans to bring the latest version of the Cinnamon desktop to Linux Mint’s Debian Edition. The next release of Mint’s Debian Edition will be based on Debian’s upcoming stable release, code name “Jessie”. Details on developments happening across all editions of Linux Mint can be found in the project’s latest blog post.


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