Nexus 5: past, present and future

Unlike previous years, Google’s keeping the older Nexus handset around for the time being, selling it alongside the Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 at the same price point it launched at in November 2013. (Though Play Store availability remains sporadic.) So the Nexus 5 isn’t quite dead yet. But how does it compare to other handsets running Android 5.0? Is it still worth the money twelve months on? And might we see another smaller Nexus handset in 2015? Read on for our take on the Nexus 5, twelve months on.

Android is at a bit of a strange point right now when it comes to flagship devices. For me, personally, while some of the OEMs make very nice devices (especially Sony), they are all laden with crapware and customisations nobody is asking for, and worse yet, they will not get updates in a timely fashion. I would not buy from them until they Google Play Editions – but those are either not available at all, or not sold in many countries (they are not available in The Netherlands).

Nexus-wise, I am not at all impressed with the Nexus 6 – it’s far, far too large for my tastes, and I really dislike the bulgy Motorola designs.

Which brings us back to the Nexus 5: still the best Android phone you can buy right now, in my view. It’s relatively cheap, looks decent (the red one actually has the most pleasant material), it’s more than up to the job, gets prompt updates, and runs proper Android.

I hope Google keeps it around for a long time – or better yet, updates its internals if needed at some point.


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