Arch Linux on MacBook Pro Retina 2014

I’m going to describe steps needed to have the following system:

  • Dual-boot with Arch Linux / Mac OS X
  • Boot manager UEFI Gummiboot (simple, can handle several kernels easily)
  • Full disk encryption (Mac OS X and Arch Linux)
  • LVM support
  • Suspend to disk using a swapfile
  • Settings for a great battery life (~09h30)

I keep the Mac OS X partition, to be able to update the firmware later.

Incredibly detailed ‘blog post’ (I would call it a website) on how to get, well, Arch Linux running on the MacBook Pro Retina 2014. I know Arch is quite popular among OSNews readers, so I figured this would be of interest to some of you. The article is a work-in-progress, so more information is sure to follow.


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