Pebble Time Steel, smartstraps unveiled

Following the hugely successful campaign for the new Pebble Time, Pebble is back with two new products: smartstraps and a whole new Pebble, the Pebbble Time Steel. Let’s start with smartstraps – an idea so simple it’s almost silly that Google and Apple didn’t come up with it first.

Rather than trying to shove every sensor and doohickey into the Pebble Time, we decided to keep the watch simple and functional and give our incredible maker and developer community the opportunity to build from there. Up until now, if you wanted it all you had to compromise… On battery life, size, design or feature set. Not anymore.

That’s why we created Pebble smartstraps. It’s simple: straps can now contain electronics and sensors to interface directly with apps running on Pebble Time.

Second, the Pebble Time Steel. It’s a more luxurious, metal version of the Pebble Time, but aside from its more premium feel and design, it also sports a larger battery (10 days of use instead of 7 days) and its screen is bonded with the glass. For the rest, it’s identical to the Time. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m totally loving the gold version with the red band – for a square watch, it simply looks really, really good.

In fact, for me, that specific model is the first Pebble I’d consider wearing. It combines an attractive design with Pebble’s superior (over Wear and the Apple Watch) functionality. This could be a winner.


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