The ZX Spectrum’s glorious rebirth as a gaming keyboard

Engadget takes a look at the Recreated Sinclair Spectrum.

With no embeddable games, the keyboard relies upon existing iOS and Android apps. Elite bundles a free app that launches with a short soundbite of the Spectrum loading sound and offers a number of free games, including exclusive rights to Chuckie Egg, and access to Sinclair BASIC. Other games can be unlocked via 79p ($1) in-app purchases. During my demo, I led Hen-House Harry through a number of levels and the gameplay was exactly like I remember it, as was the tactile feel of the rubberized keyboard. You don’t realize just how much you missed those 8-bit soundtracks and super-simple graphics.

I love that we live in an age where incredibly niche devices like this can be made and sold.


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