Samsung Gear S2 review

So here’s where we’re at with the Gear S2: it’s a well designed, easy to use smartwatch that makes a good complement to your Android smartphone. If checking notifications, tracking the basics of your physical activity, controlling music, and getting small bits of info are all you want from a smartwatch, the S2 fills all of those needs.

But if you look at smartwatches as an entirely new medium for which developers have yet to fully exploit, the S2 should give you pause. It’s entirely possible, likely even, that Samsung ​won’t get the developer support it needs to strengthen the S2’s platform. Pebble has been able to do that to a limited extent, but history tells us the odds of that happening again are arguably low.

Harsh, but true. The Gear S2 looks like a decent smartwatch with an interesting and useful interaction model, but we all know the likelihood of any serious developer support for Tizen is small, at best.


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