Twitter kills TweetDeck, Facebook stops BlackBerry development

Two high-profile companies are shutting down development for two platforms this week. First, Facebook has announced it is ceasing development of the Facebook and WhatsApp applications for BlackBerry OS.

The app landscape continues to evolve, and in ways that are not always within our control. Recently, Facebook made the decision to discontinue support of their essential APIs for BlackBerry and WhatsApp announced they would end support for BlackBerry 10 and BBOS at the end of 2016.

In addition, Twitter announced it is ceasing development of its only application for desktop Windows, TweetDeck.

To better focus on enhancing your TweetDeck experience, we’ll no longer support a standalone Windows app. If you use Windows, you’ll still be able to visit TweetDeck on the web – nothing is changing about TweetDeck itself, just where you access it from. This change will take effect on April 15th.

TweetDeck was the only desktop Twitter client the company ever supported (it bought TweetDeck several years ago), and while it is far from perfect, it’s the only desktop Twitter client that was halfway decent. Twitter never created a proper Win32 client, and neither did anyone else. They do have a Metro client developed by a third party, but it’s pretty terrible and a horrible user experience on a desktop machine.

Unlikely as it is, I’m still stubbornly holding out hope somebody creates a nice and elegant Win32 Twitter client, because with the shutdown of TweetDeck, I don’t have any options for using Twitter on the computing platform I use the most (i.e., Windows).


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