Google Tango on Lenovo’s Phab 2 Pro: a work in progress

The third and most important thing to consider is this is the only device you can buy right now that supports Google Tango. Tango is Google-made software that, combined with specific hardware, offers advanced 3D sensing. If basic augmented reality creates a flat layer of digital information on your smartphone screen – think Pokémon Go, with the game content built on top of your real world – Tango goes beyond that, to the point where it interprets and measures spaces and objects around you and then lets you interact with digital things as though they’re really, physically there.

Tango sits in that category of technologies like Google Glass and virtual reality in that you can see it takes a lot of research and innovation to build, but that’s hard to see a use for in my personal life. It makes much more sense in countless professional environments, but it’ll need a lot more work – judging by this review – before it’d be ready for that.


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