EU to tackle complaints over tech companies’ trading practices

European companies such as Spotify, Rocket Internet and Deezer have complained that online platforms – such as search engines and app stores – abuse their position as gateways to customers to promote their own services or impose imbalanced terms and conditions.

The Commission said that initial findings of an investigation launched last year showed platforms were delisting products or services without due notice, restricting access to data or not making search result rankings transparent enough.

The Commission wants to establish fair practice criteria, measures to improve transparency and a system to help to resolve disputes.

Platforms like iOS and Android are now often the primary way through which people communicate and find information, making them de facto gatekeepers of the internet. Since the internet is now an integral and crucial part of our life – paying taxes, searching for jobs, buying/maintaining crucial insurance, etc. – we can’t let access to it remain in the hands of companies with consumer-hostile interests such as Apple and Google. I’m glad the EU is looking into this.

As for Apple’s and Google’s complaints – cry me a river.


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