Apple unveils iMac Pro

During Apple’s WWDC keynote, the company updated both its iMac and MacBook lineup with 7th generation Kaby Lake processors, better GPUs, better displays, and so on – good, solid speed bumps all around. Nothing to get too excited about, but Apple has been inconsistent with keeping up with the industry, so this is a good step.

Much more exciting is that Apple also announced an upcoming iMac Pro – an iMac with incredibly specifications for its body size – Xeon processors, Radeon Pro Vega GPUs, all-flash storage, 5K displays, u to 128GB RAM.

The 27-inch iMac Pro includes a Retina 5K display, up to 18-core Xeon processors, and up to 22 Teraflops of graphics computation achievable on the high-end configurations. The iMac Pro also marks the first time than a desktop Mac will come in Space Gray, including the iMac Pro’s Magic Keyboard, Magic Trackpad 2, and Magic Mouse.

As someone who has a thing for workstations – whether from Apple, Dell, HP – I can say I am thoroughly impressed with the iMac Pro. Sure, it’s not a workstation in the traditional sense in that it is not upgradable and has a built-in display, but if you’re working in video, audio, animation, and so on, and are in Apple’s ecosystem – this is a seriously good machine.

The base price is $5000 for the base 8-core Xeon with 32GB of RAM, RadeonProVega56 with 8GB of HBM2memory, and a 5K display – which may sound like a lot, but for such a workstation-class machine combined with a display like that, it’s actually a pretty good price (a similarly-specced HP Z workstation, for instance, will probably be similarly priced, but won’t come with a 5K display).

The iMac Pro will be available in December of this year, and it’s good to see Apple pre-announce such professional products instead of keeping them under wraps until the last minute. Professional users need roadmaps for planning purposes, and it’s beginning to look like Apple is accepting that.


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