Sun’s Project Looking Glass debuted 14 years ago

Almost 14 years ago, way back in 2003, Sun Microsystems unveiled Project Looking Glass, a 3D desktop environment written in Java and making extensive use of Java 3D. The demo, by Jonathan Schwartz, always stuck with me over the years, and since YouTube recommended the demo to me today, I figured it’d be interesting to you remind you all of simpler times, when flipping windows around and 3D rendering in Java actually managed to get us excited (something no other project would ever manage to… Wait.).

Project Looking Glass was developed for about three years, and it actually saw a 1.0 release in late 2006. It’s one of those random projects exploring what we then thought could be the future of computing, right before the iPhone came onto the scene and changed everything. While nothing came out of Project Looking Glass, Schwartz’ demo did teach me the phrase “arbitrarily clever”, which I’m unusually attached to.


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