It looks like Google is readying the Pixelbook to run Windows 10

Google’s Pixelbook is some beautiful, well-built hardware, but its use of Chrome OS means that for many people, it will be too limited to be useful. Although Chrome OS is no longer entirely dependent on Web applications – it can also be used to run Android applications, and Linux application support is also in development – the lack of Windows support means that most traditional desktop applications are unusable.

But that may be changing due to indications that Google is adding Windows support to its hardware. Earlier this year, changes made to the Pixelbook’s firmware indicated that Google is working on a mode called AltOS that would allow switching between Chrome OS and an “alternative OS,” in some kind of dual-boot configuration. A couple candidates for that alternative OS are Google’s own Fuchsia and, of course, Windows.

The Pixelbook is a nice piece of kit, but Chrome OS simply isn’t good enough for me personally. The ability to run Windows would make it more desirable, but since it’s not even available in The Netherlands – or in most other places, for that matter – I doubt this will attract any new buyers.


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