Microsoft pulls “tabbed windows” feature from next release

Peter Bright at Ars Technica:

Sets – a new Windows interface feature that was first previewed in November 2017 and will make every window into a tabbed window – has been removed from the latest Insider Preview build of Windows 10. Moreover, the Verge is reporting that the feature won’t be coming back in this year’s next major update, due in October.

This marks the second time that Sets have been included in a preview release only to be removed at a later stage prior to the release of an update. When first announcing Sets, Microsoft was careful to note that it wasn’t promising Sets for any particular release – or possibly even ever, given the complexities of application compatibility and uncertainty about how people will actually use the feature.

This is a feature I’m really looking forward to, and it sucks to see it pulled like this, for the second time. I understand the complexities of a feature like this – especially with the vast library of software Windows supports – but that does raise the question if Microsoft’s openness regarding Windows development was a bit too much for this particular feature.


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