Acer wants to sell a dual Xeon Predator X system: please no

Acer’s leading gaming branding, Predator, is all about maximizing performance, particularly around gaming. In the modern era, that now extends into content creation, streaming, video editing, and all the sorts of things that drive the need for high performance. As we’ve seen several times over the years, just throwing more cores at the problem isn’t the solution: bottlenecks appear elsewhere in the system. Despite this, Acer is preparing a mind-boggling solution.

The Acer Predator X is the new dual-Xeon workstation, with ECC memory and multiple graphics cards, announced today at IFA 2018. The premise of the system is for the multi-taskers that do everything: gaming, content creation, streaming, the lot. With this being one of Acer’s flagship products, we expect it to be geared to the hilt: maximum cores, maximum capacity. There-in lies the first rub: if Acer is going all out, this is going to cost something crazy.

This clearly makes zero sense, but at the same time, it’s kind of awesome Acer is doing this. Dual-processor workstations are a bit of an obsession for me, but with dual-processor machines entirely relegated to Xeon systems, they’ve become quite unaffordable. Even though it makes zero sense, I would love for regular Intel Core and AMD Zen processors to support dual processor setups.


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