RMS/Kuhn, Raymond, O’Reilly on the Freedom to Choose Licenses

An interesting debate has started between important people in the open source circles. Stallman and Kuhn in their essay ‘Freedom or Power?‘ state that: “However, one so-called freedom that we do not advocate is the “freedom to choose any license you want for software you write […] We reject this because it is really a form of power, not a freedom.” Eric S. Raymond fights back: “In other words, Stallman and Kuhn want to be able to make decisions that affect other developers more than themselves. By the definition they themselves have proposed, they want power”. Tim O’Reilly started the debate: “If Freedom Zero for developers is the freedom to offer software on whatever terms the developer sets and a user will accept; Freedom Zero for users is the right to choose whatever software they like, without interference from platform vendors who try to deny that choice.”


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