Red Hat Enterprise Linux (v2) Update 2 Released

Subscribers to Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS, ES and WS receive regular quarterly updates via Red Hat Enterprise Network.

When is the update available?

June 2, 2003

What are the most significant improvements available to enterprise
customers in the Q1 update applicable to x86 versions of RHEL 2.1?

– Support for systems with >4GB RAM added to Red Hat Enterprise Linux
WS (previously AS only)

Performance updates:

– Varyio improves the efficiency of raw I/O by allowing transfer sizes
over 512 bytes in size

– Highmem_io enhancements provide bounce buffer elimination for a wider
range of I/O devices

– New CD images incorporating numerous new and updated hardware device
drivers are available via RHN

– Driver Updates:

What updates are applicable to Red Hat Linux Advanced Server 2.1 for
the Itanium Processor and Red Hat Linux Advanced Workstation 2.1 for the
Itanium Processor?

– Support for the IBM xSeries 450 system

– Intel’s third generation Itanium family processor, Madison, is

– Performance enhancements:

– Varyio improves the efficiency of raw I/O

– Highmem_io improves performance by reducing the need for bounce

– CD images incorporating new hardware support available via RHN

– Driver Updates, see:


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